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Your Donations will build careers that last a life time - that is true value for your money!

It is our pleasure to introduce to you the Careers4teens training program, a community wide effort endorsed by the Mayor of Westlake Village, Community Leaders, Local Employers, Schools & Colleges and several Rotary Clubs in District 5240. The program is approved by the Superintendent of Schools of the Conejo Valley Unified School District and is operated by volunteers from local Churches and Rotary Clubs. Our program provides a much-needed service to help youth and young adults migrate into a long-term career position. This creates a positive impact with economic benefits for our youth and their parents, our schools, our businesses and, in fact, the entire community. Our program seeks and solicits your participation for the benefit of the entire community.

The Careers4teens program is based on the European and Far Eastern education system, which has proven itself over generations. It offers an opportunity for prescreened high school youth and /or college going young adults to participate in full time or part time paid internships & career-training jobs with established employers and city government entities in our communities.

For young adults in high schools or junior college, participating in our program will provide the time, money and experience to make a career decision based on their skill-sets and passions and work experience.

Our career training jobs & internships provide the following benefits:

  • 1) The trainee experiences, perhaps for the first time in the his/her life, the meaning of "working for a living" and all that goes with it, e.g. arriving on time, following instructions, earning a wage, collaborating with others and so on. All this under a structured program with a supervising "Mentor."
  • 2) During the internship, the trainee is exposed to different areas of the business and has the opportunity to develop "skill sets" for a career. This work exposure also allows the trainees to identify where his/her passion lies thereby enabling them to select a career path that will be rewarding and fulfilling based on their true abilities and gifts rather than some hypothetical selection.
  • 3) The employers participating in this program have the opportunity to train the intern prescreened candidates according to their own requirements. To evaluate the trainee during the course of their internship for future long term and permanent positions to help grow their business, solving one of the most expensive, time consuming and burdensome employee selection problems for most companies.
  • 4) The parents see their child mature and undertaking responsibilities, becoming conscious of money and time, developing discipline and generally blossoming into a wonderful and responsible adult.
  • If you have children who would like to participate in this program or, if you are an employer and would like to offer training jobs in your business using our prescreened, eager applicants please contact us!

    Your donations will build careers that last a life time - that is true value for your money. Please make your check out to "Careers4teens.Org" and mail it to the address on the top of this page, Att: Donation C4T- Recommended Donation is $100 per student or $250 per Employer - Thank you.

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