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Your Donations will build careers that last a life time - that is true value for your money!

Dear Parents:

Way back in 1956, I had graduated from High School and my father asked me what I wanted to do, meaning what career I wanted to follow for the rest of my life. My response was not coherent, as I really did not know what a career meant, I did not comprehend the depth of the questions and its implications on my life. So a suggestion was made that I become and engineer. Having great faith in my parents I agreed. In retrospect, I confess that although I graduated in Electrical Engineering from a London University and went on to work in the Aerospace Industry and finally started my own Electronics company from which I recently retired, life may have been less frustrating and more productive if I had truly discovered my passion and followed it from the start. So much for hind sight!

Having talked to several hundred high school and junior college youth, I conclude that most kids really don’t know what they want to do in the future, and many of them have not developed the skill-sets to excel in college. Yet most parents would like them to proceed to college, primarily as an insurance policy for a future with a good income. For good or bad, the situation in America is such that we parents should perhaps rethink this. The US is today a country, where our design and manufacturing have been sent to foreign countries, we have now evolved into a service and consumer society. Under such circumstances, if our child is not academically rated A+, or needs more time to evolve, perhaps we should consider what alternatives there might be to a high cost entry to a college or university.

For instance, a plumber making a call today gets $85.00 whether he does anything or not and nets between 65K to 120K$ annually, the pool man that comes to our house once a week charges us $85/month. He services 120 pools which calculates out to 85 x 12 x 120 =.$122,400 per annum. In comparison a young college grad might gross only $40,000 to start, however he will first have to pay off the college costs for 4 year. This does not in any way reduce the need to go for higher education but just provides us with more options on when to go to university.

Because of these circumstances we have introduced our program for youth and young adults who may not be going on to higher education at this point in time for any reason or those that are in junior college and don’t feel what they are studying is really their passion or meets there aptitude. Our program assists these young adults to experience a career on a full time basis by taking a paid apprenticeship with a local corporation, business or trade and city government entities that partnered with us. The possibility of going on to college always remains, in-fact there is a possibility that the entity providing the internship might offer to subsidize the college course, however no commitment is made in that direction at this time.

Our Careers4teens Internship offers the following:
1) The trainee obtains skill sets
2) The trainee learns how to earn in a structured and monitored environment
3) The trainee decided which part or department within the company is his passion
4) The business gets to evaluate the trainee during the entire internships for the trainees suitability
   in any permanent jobs within the business.
5) The parent’s avoid the expenditure of having to pay for further education and sees the child,
   matures and become a career oriented, law abiding, deciplined, fiscally responsible person..

This program is a win win situation for all and it is the way young people are trained and certified / licensed in most European and far Eastern countries. If you think this program might suit your child, please
contact us and we will be glad to offer any help we can. Your donations will build careers that last a life time - now that is value for money!

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