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Answers to some frequently asked questions!

Q1) Who is this program for?
For the high school, junior college or young adult who is undecided about the career path he would like follow e.g. become a engineer, doctor, dentist, mechanic, plumber, accountant, nurse, fashion designer, etc. and needs some experience in the industry or profession in order to be able to make a decision.
For the youth who thinks he knows what career path he wants to follow but would feel more comfortable making that decision if he could work in a business or profession to check his passions out.

Q2) Does the trainee get paid?
YES! the entity providing the training will pay the student an hourly wage during the training period, so the trainees “earn as they learn” and “learn to earn” providing a dual and concurrent benefits.

Q3) How long is the training?
Depending upon the career path and the skills required the entity providing the training will outline their training program and duration. The student will need to follow the course of training diligently and show exemplary involvement to achieve the certification at the end of the course and be a potential candidate for any permanent employment offers. Positions available are Part time or Full time.

Q4) What qualifications do I need?
That varies from job to job, however we prefer that you be a high school graduate or have a school leaving certificate recognized by the the board of education. Your must read, write and speak English at the High School level. But most importantly you must have a clean personal record, free from drugs, alcohol dependancies etc. and be willing to give your all to develop a career for yourself. Special emphasis is on attendance, dependability and character.

Q5) How do we get paid for this program:?
Please understand we are a volunteer organization. We benefit when you succeed, because it is our expectation that someday you will remember us and make a donation to Careers4teens. We benefit, when you or your parents see what we have arranged for you and make a donation to us which will be used to expand this program so deserving youth can be helped.

Q6) What can I expect to learn?
You will be amazed what you will know and learn after you successfully complete your training program. Here are some insights:
1) What is expected of people that go to work and succeed in real life.
2) The different skills and application of such skill in the business
3) The job responsibilities and management hierarchy
4) How to deal with different personality characters
5) How to take and follow directions from your superiors
6) How and when to ask for directions
7) The basic knowledge you will need to succeed in that business.
But most importantly you will gain experience in a real, job, environment and begin to understand if that industry and a job career within it speaks to your heart only you can answer that question!.

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